Clinical Papers

Browse our extensive library of resources discussing the care and management of catastrophic medical conditions. We can provide you with position papers, white papers, medical journal articles and other publications that detail both our complex care management process and specific catastrophic medical conditions. Media coverage may be found in the News & Events section. Please contact Paradigm for printed copies if the downloadable PDF format is unavailable.

White Papers

Medical and Rehabilitation Innovation - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury

2015 Download (186.51 KB)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a biologically repairing and regenerative treatment modality for specific conditions. This white paper considers the efficacy and safety of HBOT as a treatment for brain trauma.

Medical and Rehabilitation Innovation - Buprenorphine and Chronic Pain

2015 Download (187.4 KB)

Buprenorphine is a powerful semi-synthetic opioid medication used primarily to treat opioid dependence or narcotic addiction. This white paper evaluates the effectiveness of various uses in the context of the prescription opioid epidemic.

Functional Restoration Strategy: Choosing the right approach to resolve disability claims and reduce costs

2015 Download (205.59 KB)

Understanding that functional restoration is a comprehensive and quantifiable program can result in improved long term health and significant reduction in costs. This paper discusses the six steps for successful functional restoration. 

Medical and Rehabilitation Innovation - Exoskeletons in Spinal Cord Injury

2014 Download (258.29 KB)

Despite significant gains in life expectancy and health measures and some gains in durable medical equipment over the past 40 years, improvements in neurological recovery and gait restoration have been minor.  This clinical position paper summarizes FDA approval and medical literaure available to date.

Medical and Rehabilitation Innovation - Neuroendocrine Screening and Hormone Replacement Therapy in Trauma Related Acquired Brain Injury

2014 Download (160.83 KB)

Trauma related acquired brain injury (ABI) is known to cause a number of secondary effects to the brain including neuroendocrine dysfunctions.  This clinical position paper covers the recent developments and Paradigm's stance in this area.

Medical and Rehabilitation Innovation - Functional Electrical Stimulation Ergometer (FES Bike)

2014 Download (172.37 KB)

FES bikes allow users to cycle by applying electrical stimulation to peripheral nerves. The process simulates active exercise for a disabled worker who would otherwise be unable to do so. This paper summarizes the conclusions from medical literature to date.

Medical and Rehabilitation Innovation - Medical Marijuana

2014 Download (184.92 KB)

This clinical position paper provides an objective overview of medical marijuana including the drug’s physiological effects and medical applications.  The authors summarize the medical literature and consider the effectiveness in functional restoration.

Outstanding Outcomes: New Study Reaffirms Paradigm’s Industry Leading Clinical Results and Long-Term Savings for Catastrophic Claims

2013 Download (206.87 KB)

Learn about Paradigm’s impact on return to work and financial outcomes for acute catastrophic cases. This white paper summarizes the thorough analysis conducted by researchers from the independent actuarial and consulting firm, Milliman, Inc.

The Anatomy of Chronic Pain and Opioid Misuse: Clarifying Diagnosis and Understanding Terminology

2011 Download (227.19 KB)

This white paper describes how an inaccurate or imprecise diagnosis often leads to ineffective treatments that compound the problem. For these cases, accurate definitions and a systematic approach based on clear objective assessments will lead to a treatment plan that offers the most benefit to the injured person.

The Anatomy of Chronic Pain and Opioid Misuse: Case Management, Treatment Decisions and Opioids

2011 Download (204.89 KB)

This white paper describes a variety of effective approaches to managing opioid use disorders and identifying strategies for determining the most effective approach.

Better Results for Patients with Post-Acute Chronic Pain

2010 Download (248.33 KB)

This white paper presents the Milliman, Inc. study comparing costs between Paradigm and industry benchmarks for Pain Management.

Overuse and Abuse of Prescription Drugs

2010 Download (367.83 KB)

Learn how to impact the overuse and abuse of prescription opioids in workers' compensation with multiple interventions across four main areas. A complex issue such as this requires a comprehensive solution and the collaboration of all invested parties.

Traumatic Brain Injury: Complications Inside

2010 Download (349.17 KB)

Gain a better understanding of the unique challenges of diagnosing and managing moderate and mild traumatic brain injuries.  These less severe injuries can be volatile and have considerable medical and financial implications.

Volatility and Complexity in Burn Injury Claims

2009 Download (470.58 KB)

The paper offers an overview of burn wounds and explains how the proper medical management can help mitigate the associated complications and complexities.

Narcotics Abuse in Workers' Compensation

2009 Download (573.43 KB)

This white paper highlights the substances and recommended uses, the psychology of the user and solutions that work.

Multiple Issues with Multiple Traumas

2009 Download (167.41 KB)

This white paper offers an overview of multiple trauma injuries and explains how coordination of care provides the best opportunity for improved outcomes.

Managing the Impossible

2008 Download (524.34 KB)

This paper presents a Milliman, Inc. study comparing catastrophic case outcomes and costs between Paradigm and industry benchmarks. Gain insight into how particular patterns of interventions and infrastructure deliver better medical and financial results.

More Hope for People with Brain Injury

2008 Download (365.91 KB)

Learn how systematic care management improves medical outcomes for patients suffering from traumatic brain injury, as well as the three components critical to an optimal recovery.

Taming Medical Cost Inflation

2008 Download (390.23 KB)

Combat the rising costs associated with catastrophic workers' compensation claims using four strategies from this practical and interesting paper. It is possible to achieve quality medical outcomes while controlling costs.

The Catastrophic Reserving Challenge

2008 Download (345.96 KB)

This white paper outlines strategies for managing catastrophic injuries and projecting expenses for better medical and financial outcomes. Learn how to avoid the mistake of underestimating costs.