Paradigm Medical Director

Paradigm Medical Directors (PMDs) play a unique and critical role on the Paradigm Management Team. They are physicians with expertise and experience treating at least one of the injury types Paradigm manages and remain actively involved in each case through the injured worker’s recovery. They consult directly with and offer insight to the treating physicians to ensure the most effective treatment for the injured worker, and they consider the entire continuum of care when providing their recommendations.

Paradigm Medical Directors collaborate with the client, the injured worker’s medical and rehabilitation providers and provide direction to Paradigm’s Management Team to efficiently achieve targeted outcomes. However, these physicians have no direct role in treatment, and the scope of responsibility limits determination of medical necessity to an advisory role.

The Paradigm Medical Director’s responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with the attending physician
  • Analyzing data and clinical events
  • Providing clinical and scientific expertise to members of the Paradigm Management Team and other medical providers
  • Proactively managing risk factors in coordination with the Network Manager