Bill Griffin

Husband, Grandfather, Volunteer, Paradigm Hero

Bill Griffin loved his job driving semi-trucks across the Midwest. During one routine delivery, a sudden gust of wind pushed his trailer into a collision with another truck. The devastating impact left him with a spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, burns and other traumas. First responders did not expect him to survive and he was unrecognizable to his family at the hospital. Paradigm’s Network Manager, Dawn Whitehurst, RN, arrived the next day to offer hope as an advocate for Bill and his family. The Paradigm Management Team then went to work developing a comprehensive recovery plan.

After his condition stabilized, Paradigm arranged for him to transfer to Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado—one of Paradigm’s centers of excellence for inpatient rehabilitation. There he adapted to his new life in a wheelchair, regained strength and mobility, and prepared to transition back home. The Paradigm Management Team helped Bill and his family along the way by routinely consulting with his care providers, readying his home with modifications, coordinating all home attendants and planning for a lifetime of care.

"Every piece of equipment that I have today, Dawn got lined up. She was there for every doctor's appointment,” says Bill. “You can feel when people are doing a job, and when they're doing more than their job. She always, every day, went above and beyond what you would have expected somebody to do just as a job."

Bill, his family and the Paradigm Management Team agreed at the outset that his long-term goal should be returning home. Thanks to Paradigm’s expert guidance, the best possible care and Bill’s personal ambition, he succeeded. Dawn and the Paradigm Management Team even encouraged him to realize his hope of learning to drive a modified vehicle. Today, he’s behind the wheel and leading a full life as a husband, grandfather and community volunteer. We proudly call him a “Paradigm Hero.”