Gary Weinstein

Husband, Father, Youth Baseball Founder, Paradigm Hero

For some, baseball is a favorite pastime evoking fond memories, but for Gary “G” Weinstein baseball is a lifelong passion. Gary was pitching to a youth team during batting practice when he was struck in the head by a line drive ball that fractured his skull in 18 places and caused internal bleeding. He was in a coma for 10 days and had two risky brain surgeries. Doctors were afraid Gary would not live and questioned his chance for a full recovery. Paradigm assigned Victoria Lines, RN, a Network Manager, to his case. She immediately began working with the Paradigm Management Team, his care givers and his wife, Julie, to determine the best possible recovery plan.

During his stay in a comprehensive rehabilitation hospital for severe traumatic brain injury, he learned how to swallow, talk and walk all over again. With the proper care at the right time and the ongoing support from Victoria and the Paradigm team, Gary is now living the quality of life he previously enjoyed. He is back at work, plays catch with his son, Zak, and he has returned to the successful youth baseball league he founded prior to his accident.

"It was very uncertain what my quality of life would be,” says Gary. “The doctors said at best I would be permanently and severely disabled.” And now? “I bike to work most days, an hour each way. I hit .660 in softball last summer. I think that answers that question."

Gary is a loving husband, father and a tireless volunteer who inspires others to appreciate life. In sports there are always larger-than-life heroes, and for us there’s Gary “G” Weinstein, a “Paradigm Hero.”