We deliver the best results for people with complex medical needs

We provide the best results for people with complex medical needs. It’s a simple claim and one we’ve proven thousands of times. As the only company designed and built specifically to assist those with catastrophic and complex injuries, Paradigm delivers outcomes.

As a catastrophic specialty company, Paradigm acts as a medical hub that connects severely injured people to medical experts, high quality providers and a clinical support infrastructure.

Achieving five times better medical results than the industry, Paradigm’s model employs experienced nurse case managers, nationally recognized doctors and specialists, the best network of care facilities in the country, and a custom built infrastructure featuring over 20 years of clinical data and proprietary Paradigm Analytics to guide decisions. Ensuring the highest level of care leads to better medical outcomes, and ultimately translates into substantial savings for our clients. We are the only company of this kind, and the only company to provide medical and financial guarantees.

Exoskeletons: Key Insights into the Future of Robotic Ambulation

Listen to Paradigm’s latest webinar!

Think robots are the wave of the future? The future is today: right now, exoskeletons are emerging as a cutting-edge tool for paraplegics. Certainly the technology looks impressive, but what are the practical concerns? Which injured workers stand to benefit from exoskeletons, and will these devices replace wheelchairs?

Listen to our expert, Clare Hartigan, MPT, physical therapist from Shepherd Center who leads clinical research on exoskeletons, as we discuss how they will change the face of care for paraplegics. Listen to a replay!