Endorsements and Recommendations

Paradigm Outcomes’ unique approach to complex care management benefits all of our stakeholders. Insurers, providers, attorneys, injured workers and family members all agree that Paradigm’s involvement improves the outcomes of the most volatile and costly claims. Read what they have to say in their own words.

Injured Workers and Family

On the Level of Care

Every piece of equipment that I have today, she got lined up. She was there for every doctor's appointment. You can feel when people are doing a job, and when they're doing more than their job. She always, every day, went above and beyond what you would have expected somebody to do just as a job.

– Bill Griffin
On Paradigm’s Staff

The patient, the family, has somebody to turn to and have a conversation about, ‘What do we do next?’ ‘How do we navigate this?’ I think that's tremendously helpful. We desperately needed it, and thank goodness it was there.

– Valerie Tate
On the Level of Care

It was nice to have someone that you could go to with your question and have it answered or found out for you. If I wouldn't have had Paradigm and Stacy, I think it would have been a lot more stressful in my own mind. I wanted to be independent again. So that was a big thank you and a big heaven sent.

– Nancy Vanveldhuizen
On the Level of Care

Between Audrey [my wife] and Colleen [my Network Manager] and the people that she put together to help us, I made it. The people that Paradigm has working for them are some of the greatest people in the world.

– Walter Loving
On the Level of Care

We didn't know where to turn – it was all so new. But Paradigm had it all lined up. Colleen [Masslofsky, our Network Manager] just made everything so much better. She was always there for us.

– Audrey Loving
On the Quality of Life

It was very uncertain what my quality of life would be; the doctors said at best I would be permanently and severely disabled. [But now] I bike to work most days, an hour each way. I hit .660 in softball last summer. I think that answers that question.

– Gary Weinstein
On the Level of Care

My outcome would have not been as good as it has turned out without Paradigm and Dorothy Custer's [Paradigm Network Manager] input. We had the feeling she genuinely cared about my recovery. We are extremely satisfied with the service we received from Paradigm.

– Thomas Eckel
On the Level of Care

Paradigm was very organized with a systematic approach to my husband’s surviving and ultimate recovery. Without the positive information and support from Paradigm, he would most likely have been put in a nursing home for the rest of his life.

– Sabrina Eckel
On the Level of Care

Dawn, and Paradigm, provided an invaluable service that is hard to describe unless you have been through a similar traumatic situation. They simplified a very complicated process and were just a phone call away to answer questions and remove any hurdles we encountered along the way.

– Philip Dean

Paradigm Employees

On Paradigm's Culture

My work with Paradigm has consistently been rewarding both for the benefit we provide seriously injured workers and the value we offer to our workers’ compensation clients. I feel fortunate to work for a company whose culture strongly supports clinical expertise, innovation and employees who are challenged to do the very best every day on behalf of all Paradigm’s stakeholders. It is a privilege to work with such committed, creative, caring and results-focused staff.

– Scott Goll, Senior Vice President of Operations
On Paradigm's Expertise

We are doing something that no one else can do for people who are desperately in need. Our expertise allows catastrophically injured people to maximize their recoveries, and gives families the support they need to reestablish a life together.

– Ernie Bryant, Director of Clinical Services
On Catastrophic Injuries

In catastrophic injury situations, it really takes a village to put together all the necessary supports. At Paradigm we go above and beyond—we look at what supports need to be put in place to help regain quality of life.

– Deborah Benson, Director of Clinical Services
On Teamwork

The way we work together at Paradigm embodies the concept of respectful, interdisciplinary collaboration as envisioned by the company’s founder Dr. Nathan Cope. The cases we manage are highly complex and require me and my colleagues to keep abreast of a broad scope of clinical information. Professionally, this offers an incredibly rewarding experience.

– Steven Moskowitz, MD, Senior Medical Director
On Systematic Care Management

I am very proud to be with Paradigm Outcomes because we do what the healthcare industry wants to do. Over the past 25 years, I had the privilege of holding a number of healthcare roles from a practicing clinician to a hospital CEO. With that experience I can say that Paradigm’s Systematic Care ManagementSM model aligns every healthcare stakeholder and the patient toward the same goal — the right care, at the right time, for the best clinical outcome. Paradigm impacts our injured workers’ lives in a way that is truly priceless.

– Michael Choo, MD, Chief Medical Officer
On Paradigm's Results

I love Paradigm because we not only save our clients 40% of the lifetime cost of their catastrophic claims, but we also get five times better results for the injured workers. All of this comes about because we focus on the best possible medical outcome for the individual. This aligns everything we do and, when we get the injured worker better, it costs less in the long run. Paradigm makes a real difference in the world, and leading the company feels more like a vocation than a job.

– James Hudak, Executive Chairman