Walter Loving

Husband, Father, Grandfather, Paradigm Hero

Walter Loving made his living as a truck driver until a near fatal accident. The wreckage crushed Walter from his legs to his abdominal area. His left leg was so badly damaged that it required an above the knee amputation. Doctors feared that his right leg would also be amputated and that Walter may never be able to recover fully. With the help of the Paradigm Management Team, including Network Manager Colleen Masslofsky, RN, he now enjoys a quality of life similar to his pre-injury level.

"The people Paradigm has working for them are some of the greatest people in the world,” says Walter.


Walter Loving is an example of how clinical excellence, technologically advanced medicine and teamwork produce “best-in-class” results. Colleen even went beyond this high standard to help Walter work with the DMV to obtain his driver’s license to be self-sufficient.

Walter is now back in the driver’s seat, from taking his grandchildren to the park to mowing his grass and assisting others who have experienced disability. Walter Loving’s dedication to overcome his injuries and his ongoing desire to help others is what makes him a “Paradigm Hero.”