Valerie Tate

Nurse, Wife, Yoga Practitioner, Paradigm Hero

Valerie Tate was attending a nursing conference in Puerto Rico when she decided to take an evening stroll. While crossing a hotel driveway, a drunk driver struck her and pinned her beneath the vehicle. The driver briefly paused before rolling over her with the rear tires when driving away. The impact caused extensive internal injuries including organ contusion, nerve injury and complex rib, pelvic and spine fractures.

Valerie was soon airlifted to the intensive care unit at the Ryder Trauma Center at the University of Miami. Once her condition stabilized enough to travel further, Valerie was transferred to Washington Hospital Center in the District of Columbia so she could receive additional acute care near home. It was there she met Paradigm’s Network Manager, Vicki Lines, CCM, RN, who immediately went to work collaborating with the Paradigm Management Team to develop a comprehensive recovery plan.

The Paradigm Management Team and treating providers continually addressed complications stemming from acute respiratory issues, wounds, and infections. Throughout her recovery, Vicki supported Valerie and her family by discussing treatment options, advocating for the best care, and arranging consultations with specialists to address her full biopsychosocial needs. Once Valerie’s condition sufficiently improved, Vicki arranged for Valerie’s transfer to the National Rehabilitation Hospital—one of Paradigm’s centers of excellence for inpatient rehabilitation—so she could begin physical, speech, and occupational therapies.

“I had confidence in Vicki as a nurse,” says Valerie. “I also appreciated that there was one person following every aspect of my care because I had a dozen different doctors and services paying attention to me and they were all going in different directions. But I had this one case manager who was going to be there from the beginning. It was like a partnership. Not only was it a great support to me, but it was a great support to my husband.”

In spite of the challenges she faced during her recovery, Valerie remained optimistic. She worked hard during rehabilitation and, with the full support of the Paradigm Management Team, returned home nearly nine months following her injury. Today, Valerie practices daily wellness activities like yoga and once again enjoys a full life. We proudly call her a “Paradigm Hero.”