Our Impact on Case Management

Paradigm Makes a Difference

Paradigm Outcomes places the injured worker at the center of a dedicated team solely focused on achieving the highest possible medical outcome. We collaborate with the many providers so all parties are aligned toward a shared goal, and we partner with the family to help them navigate a complex healthcare system. By ensuring the right care at the right time, Paradigm improves the injured worker’s quality of life and delivers meaningful cost savings to clients.

Case Management Results

As a company that specializes in managing catastrophic injuries and complex pain, Paradigm achieves 5x better medical outcomes and lowers total costs by 40%. These independently verified results lead the workers’ compensation industry. Check out the other ways we measure success.

Complex Care Case Studies

Paradigm is fortunate to see inspiring recoveries every day, and we applaud all those who made a difference along the way. We give special thanks to the injured workers themselves whose optimism and determination inspire us all. Here are a few stories from those we proudly call Paradigm Heroes.

Paradigm Testimonials

Paradigm is a unique company with a comprehensive approach to complex care management that benefits all of our stakeholders. Whether an insurer, injured worker, family member, attorney or provider, people value our assistance and unique approach. But don’t take our word for it, read what others have to say.

Medical Case Management Awards

Associations and publications have recognized Paradigm’s innovative approach and quality medical case management throughout our history. Risk & Insurance magazine, for instance, recognized Paradigm's founder, Nathan Cope, MD, as a winner of the 2009 Risk Innovator Award. See more of our recent accomplishments.

Paradigm's Community Involvement

As part of our mission to ensure the best results for people with complex medical needs, Paradigm gives back to the community by sponsoring charitable organizations such as Kids’ Chance of America and other employee led initiatives. Learn more about these organizations.