Our Approach to Care Management

Systematic Care Management

As any family whose life has been turned upside down by a catastrophic injury or complex pain condition will attest, navigating the healthcare system and coordinating the multiple aspects of care are monumental undertakings. Catastrophic injuries and complex pain conditions simply require more; they require a comprehensive approach that supports everyone involved, every step of the way. Paradigm Outcomes places the injured worker at the center of a dedicated case management team that is solely focused on an optimal medical recovery.


Paradigm-Systematic-Care-ManagementImage Map


Systematic Care ManagementSM is Paradigm’s proprietary system and differs from conventional case management. The methodology utilizes a comprehensive care plan developed by Paradigm after consultation with treating physicians and others. The care management plan helps coordinate providers, mitigate the risk of complications and orient all efforts toward achieving the highest possible recovery for the injured worker. Paradigm’s global outcomes define both broad achievements, such as returning to work, and detailed goals that focus on specific areas of function.



Systematic Care ManagementSM supplements the current healthcare environment by defining specific goals, and providing a coordinated safety net to help mitigate missed information, inconsistent provider practices and general fragmentation. The approach incorporates nationally-recognized, expert physicians, onsite catastrophic and complex pain nurse case managers, and specialized clinical leadership to coordinate with medical and rehabilitation providers to ensure that the right care is delivered at the right time.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Physician-led care management teams
  • Comprehensive recovery plans guided by extensive data and available medical guidelines
  • Routine treating physician consultation with a Paradigm Medical Director
  • Continuous on-site management by highly qualified nurse case managers
  • Access to top providers and centers of excellence
  • Clinical infrastructure designed specifically for complex cases
  • Proprietary analytic models
  • One-of-a-kind outcome guarantees for catastrophic injuries
  • Reduced volatility and long-term cost savings

As a result, Paradigm Outcomes delivers five times better medical results than the industry benchmark and achieves or exceeds targeted medical outcomes 99% of the time.