Student Nominated by Paradigm Network Manager Receives Kids’ Chance of New Jersey Scholarship for Stanford

Paradigm − July 27, 2018 − filed under Kids' Chance of America

Freddy headshotThanks to a scholarship from Comp-X Medical Services and Kids’ Chance of New Jersey – and a lot of hard work on his part — Freddy Garcia Arequipa will attend Stanford University this fall.

“This scholarship will allow me to focus on pursuing my educational dreams rather than stress over finances. Kids’ Chance of New Jersey is truly a great organization,” says Freddy, who was nominated for the scholarship by Paradigm Network Manager Kiewanda Shabazz-Henry, RNC, BSN, CCM.

Freddy recently graduated from Dover High School, where he dedicated the past four years to being an outstanding student in hopes of getting accepted at a top university and receiving generous financial aid. He knew he must excel, because if he didn’t, his family would struggle to pay for his education.

Then, in February, 2017, his father had a devastating accident at work: The dump truck he was driving tipped and he had a stroke. Kiewanda began working with the family at this time. Freddy’s father was in a coma for a few days and was paralyzed for a few months.

Freddy’s mother, the only one working to keep the family financially stable, spent most of her time with her husband in the hospital.

“I could have looked for a job myself, but my mother told me to focus as much as I could on school, because it was almost time to apply to college.” Freddy says. “I had always been a good student, but after my father’s accident, a good student wouldn’t be enough to support my family.”

He knew the only way to truly support his family was to get into a school that would offer significant financial aid and put him on the best path to a career. Freddy knew those schools only accepted exceptional students, so that is what he strived to be.

“I did all of my homework as early as I could, so I could have time to help around the house. And I did everything in my power to become a spectacular student,” he says. He spent weeks on his Stanford application and was accepted. He plans to study Engineering Physics and hopes to be an engineer.

Freddy joins Michael Choo, MD (left) and Kiewanda Shabazz-Henry, RN (right) for a photo at this year’s KCNJ Annual Fundraising Gala.

Kiewanda says when she first met Freddy he hugged her and thanked her for doing so much for his father. Freddy told her he was worried about his father not working and all the financial burden being on his mother, especially since he would be going to college soon.

“Freddy spoke so highly of his father and was so proud of how he came to America and was able to raise his children and provide them with an education,” she says. “He was extremely polite and determined to make his parents proud.”

Leonard G. “Lenny” August, vice president of Comp-X Medical Management Services, president of KCNJ, and longtime Paradigm business partner, says he first learned of Freddy from Kiewanda. She described a bright and incredibly smart young man who was wary of the financial burden of a prestigious education.

“When his father was injured, he saw his dream slipping away. We had to help,” says Lenny of the $10,000 4-year scholarship. “Crushing this young man’s dreams was not an option.”

By sponsoring a scholarship, Comp-X and other sponsors allow KCNJ to maintain one of the highest award amounts per student within Kids’ Chance of America.  KCNJ’s founding board members, including Lenny, wanted their scholarships to have a big impact on a student’s education.

Seventeen scholarships, including Freddy’s, were presented at the group’s sixth annual Gala & Fundraising Auction benefiting children of injured workers.

“This young man will do great things in life and we are proud to be a part of it,” Lenny says.

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