Paradigm Hero Butch Coffman

Paradigm − October 4, 2016 − filed under Chronic Pain

Ira “Butch” Coffman was a corrections officer on his way into work one winter morning in Michigan when he slipped on ice in the parking lot and fell, landing on his back. His left foot began to drag about one hour later, but his suffering had just begun. Twelve years after the accident, he continued… Learn More

Virtual Reality: Opportunities for Paraplegic Rehabilitation

Paradigm − September 27, 2016 − filed under Acquired Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury

The newest advancement in paraplegic rehabilitation sounds like something out of Neuromancer – a virtual reality device that not only acts as a form of physical rehabilitation but could, in some instances, lead to a restoration of feeling and motion. The medical science has been around for close to two decades, but until recently, the… Learn More

Paradigm Explains: ICU Syndrome

Paradigm − September 20, 2016 − filed under Complex Case Management

ICU syndrome is a disorder often afflicting intensive care unit (ICU) patients, who experience a cluster of serious psychiatric symptoms after an acute illness or traumatic event. The syndrome is also a form of delirium, or acute brain failure, and can be referred to as ICU psychosis. While ICU syndrome may last anywhere from 24… Learn More

Motivating Injured Workers to Change

Paradigm − September 13, 2016 − filed under Chronic Pain

Motivating a person to change can be a challenge, especially when working with an injured worker who has developed an identity based on having disabling chronic pain. With the CDC’s recently released opioid guidelines warning of the dangers of long term use, more physicians and other healthcare workers are pushing to wean patients off pain… Learn More

WCI Annual Educational Conference 2016 Recap

Paradigm − September 7, 2016 − filed under Events

The 71st Annual Workers’ Compensation Education Conference and the 28th Annual Safety & Health Conference took place last month in Orlando, Florida. Paradigm Outcomes participated enthusiastically among a number of thought leadership organizations to discuss best practices and new ideas in workers’ compensation. The annual WCI conference provides a unique opportunity each year… Learn More

What Makes an Expert Catastrophic Injury Nurse and Case Manager?

Paradigm − August 30, 2016 − filed under Complex Case Management

Thoughts from Jo Carter, RN, BSN, CCM, Paradigm Outcomes’ vice president of network services. If asked to write a job description for a Paradigm Outcomes network manager focused on catastrophic injury, one would be challenged to explain everything needed to be successful in the position. Individuals in this role – which is complex and unique… Learn More

25 Faces of Paradigm: Stories Inspiring Patient-Centered Care for 25 Years

Paradigm − August 24, 2016 − filed under Medical Expertise

There are 36 Paradigm Outcomes employees celebrating a 5, 10, 15 or 20-year anniversary alongside the company’s 25th this year. All employees, whether here from the beginning or starting today, share a commitment to positive patient outcomes across the care continuum. Their dedication drives the organization as a whole. Throughout the year, Paradigm Outcomes will… Learn More

Heroin and Prescription Opioids

Paradigm − August 9, 2016 − filed under Chronic Pain

In February 2015, our own Dr. Steven Moskowitz posted a blog on “Heroin: The Other Opioid.” Since then, the problem of heroin has become even more entangled with prescription opioid misuse and the epidemic still rages. Let’s take a look at the current state of prescription opioid use and misuse in medical treatment, and how… Learn More

Science vs. Pseudoscience Part 2 of 2: Buprenorphine Case Study

Paradigm − August 2, 2016 − filed under Medical Expertise

In part one of our series we explored the meanings of science and pseudoscience and the risks of confusing one for the other. We are culturally predisposed to trust news of an advanced medical solution because we assume someone has verified the claim. And we’re naturally attracted to answers that are easy to understand and… Learn More

Science vs. Pseudoscience Part 1 of 2: Finding Medical Solutions

Paradigm − July 26, 2016 − filed under Medical Expertise

Hardly a day goes by without a headline about a new medical solution. We are predisposed to believe the claims are valid due to our belief that there is some sort of editorial board that ensures accuracy. Unfortunately, there isn’t any supervision. And our desire for quick fixes and simple solutions makes us even more… Learn More