Meet Leslie Porter, MD, a Paradigm Medical Director

Paradigm − March 27, 2018 − filed under Medical Expertise

Paradigm Medical Directors play an important consultative role in our systematic care management program.  They offer expert insights and collaborate with the treating physicians, as well as guide each injured workers’ care team.  So, let’s meet one of them! Doctor Leslie Porter is a board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist with expertise in the management… Learn More

Catastrophic Injuries: Managing Severe Burn Claims

Paradigm − March 20, 2018 − filed under Burn Injury

According to the American Burn Association, there are approximately 600,000 burn injuries annually in the United States, and roughly 15-20% of those injuries are work related. Employees working with high voltage power lines, toxic chemicals, and hazardous materials are especially at risk for these complex injuries that can involve long hospital stays, infections, reconstructive surgeries,… Learn More

Evidence-Based Pain Medicine for Primary Care Physicians

Paradigm − March 13, 2018 − filed under Medical Expertise

Paradigm Medical Director Graves T. Owen, MD, is lead author of “Evidence-based pain medicine for primary care physicians,” in the peer-reviewed journal, Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings. The article highlights the critical role that a pain medicine specialist can play in the management of patients with chronic pain. Learn more from the abstract: The last… Learn More

Centers of Excellence: Innovations in Post-Acute Care – Part Two

Paradigm − February 27, 2018 − filed under Medical Expertise, Spinal Cord Injury

As innovations in post-acute care help restore greater function for those in the early stages of complex and chronic traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury, such rehabilitation centers become even more important and valuable. “Now there’s more to take advantage of,” said Gary Ulicny, former CEO of Shepherd Center in Atlanta, as he explores… Learn More

Centers of Excellence: Innovations in Post-Acute Care – Part One

Paradigm − February 13, 2018 − filed under Medical Expertise, Spinal Cord Injury

Many factors have led to the increase in the number of outliers — complex and chronic neurological cases — in post-acute rehabilitation facilities. Gary Ulicny, former CEO of Shepherd Center in Atlanta, reveals innovations in care and care management to meet the growing demand. “People who would’ve died ten years ago are now being saved… Learn More

Understanding and Improving Patient Expectations: Dr. Geoffrey Ling’s Outlook

Paradigm − January 30, 2018 − filed under Complex Case Management

Dr. Geoffrey Ling, a retired U.S. Army colonel, was deployed six times: Five times to Afghanistan and once to Iraq. He spent his first tour of duty in a tiny Level I trauma center in northwest Afghanistan, where he saw children who had been injured by Russian landmines. Because the landmines resembled butterflies, it was… Learn More

Innovation in Treatment of Chronic Lung Injuries: Dr. Ashish Bhatia’s Outlook

Paradigm − January 16, 2018 − filed under Events, Medical Expertise

In medical research, failures are never a total loss, because knowing why creations fail helps to develop more successful devices or drugs, Dr. Ashish Bhatia told Paradigm Outcomes’ eighth annual Innovation Symposium exploring outliers and medical innovation. Dr. Bhatia said, in the past 10-12 years of his research with burns or trauma, only about 25… Learn More

The Future of Value-Based Care in Workers’ Compensation – Part 1

Paradigm − January 9, 2018 − filed under Medical Expertise

Dr. Choo began 2018 with the year’s first Leaders Speak on WorkCompWire. Here’s an excerpt: The future of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is presently uncertain, but our healthcare industry’s steadfast exploration of value-based care models to achieve better outcomes is encouraging. Although the workers’ compensation industry has always operated independently… Learn More

The Future of Value-Based Care in Workers’ Compensation – Part 2

Paradigm − − filed under Medical Expertise

In his second Leaders Speak on WorkCompWire, Dr. Choo discusses value-based care in complex and catastrophic workplace injuries and how such a systematic approach can deliver better clinical outcomes at a lower lifetime cost. Catastrophic injuries, medically complex cases and chronic pain remain difficult challenges for all stakeholders in the workers’ compensation industry. To achieve… Learn More

Paradigm Family of Companies Heads to NWCDC 2017

Paradigm − December 4, 2017 − filed under Events

Paradigm and our sister companies, The ALARIS Group, Encore Unlimited and ForeSight Medical, will be represented at the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference this week in Las Vegas. Kids’ Chance of America will be there, too. Please visit us at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Paradigm Booth #2707, ALARIS Booth #5300, Kids’ Chance booth… Learn More