Innovation in Treatment of Chronic Lung Injuries: Dr. Ashish Bhatia’s Outlook

Paradigm − September 5, 2018 − filed under Events, Medical Expertise

In medical research, failures are never a total loss, because knowing why treatments fail helps to develop more successful devices or drugs, Dr. Ashish Bhatia told Paradigm Outcomes’ eighth annual Innovation Symposium exploring outliers and medical innovation. In the past 14 years of his research, Dr. Bhatia said only about 20 to 25 of the… Learn More

Webinar Recap: Surviving the Unsurvivable: Optimal Clinical and Claims Outcomes in Severe Burn Cases

Paradigm − April 3, 2018 − filed under Burn Injury, Events

Replay the webinar here. Download the slides here. Innovations in technology and treatment now enable victims of severe burns to survive injuries previously unsurvivable. Extraordinary recoveries and prolonged life expectancies present claims payors with intensive cases incurring millions of dollars in losses. The webinar explores how outcome-focused clinical and claims management of catastrophic burn cases… Learn More

Paradigm Family of Companies Heads to NWCDC 2017

Paradigm − December 4, 2017 − filed under Events

Paradigm and our sister companies, The ALARIS Group, Encore Unlimited and ForeSight Medical, will be represented at the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference this week in Las Vegas. Kids’ Chance of America will be there, too. Please visit us at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Paradigm Booth #2707, ALARIS Booth #5300, Kids’ Chance booth… Learn More

Psychosocial Issues in Catastrophic Injuries: Managing the Risks and Challenges

Paradigm − August 24, 2017 − filed under Events

If not actively addressed, the psychosocial challenges that accompany traumatic work-related injuries can interfere with recovery. Participants in Paradigm Outcomes’ recent webinar learned how case management teams can assess and intervene to mitigate the negative impact of these issues on injured workers’ recovery and functional outcomes. Paradigm Chief Medical Officer Michael Choo, M.D. and Paradigm… Learn More

Leading Through Change in 2017: Learnings from the Paradigm Outcomes Innovation Symposium

Paradigm − January 17, 2017 − filed under Events

Paradigm Outcomes’ 2016 Innovation Symposium brought leaders from a variety of specialties together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of leading through change. Presenters and attendees discussed strategies for staying ahead of the curve in an age of innovation, as well as pitfalls to avoid when dealing with change and uncertainty. Below are some highlights… Learn More

National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference & Expo 2016

Paradigm − November 22, 2016 − filed under Events

The National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference & Expo 2016 kicks off next week in New Orleans and, once again, Paradigm Outcomes will be a part of this leading industry event. In addition to our annual wine reception, we are excited to host three live Paradigm University sessions in booth 619. Register now and get… Learn More

Kent Riddle speaking

Innovation Symposium 2016: Could “Navigated Health” Address the High Health Care Costs in America?

Paradigm − November 1, 2016 − filed under Events

“How much time do you think you spend with your primary care physician each year?” Kent Riddle asked attendees at Paradigm Outcomes’ 2016 Innovation Symposium. The CEO of Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital looked out at the crowd as they pondered that question. He answered it for them. “Eight minutes or less,” he said. “They… Learn More

Innovation Symposium 2016: Politics, the Media and Breaking Templates

Paradigm − October 25, 2016 − filed under Events

Candy Crowley, award-winning journalist and former chief political correspondent for CNN, began her talk at Paradigm Outcomes’ Innovation Symposium 2016 with a surprising confession about herself and the media. “I have never seen so many people so wrong about so much for such a long time.” She gave a few examples from her own illustrious… Learn More

Innovation Symposium 2016: The Fed and the Economy

Paradigm − October 19, 2016 − filed under Events

Susan Collins, PhD, dean of public policy at the University of Michigan’s Ford School of Public and board member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, surprised attendees at Paradigm Outcomes’ Innovation Symposium by revealing one of the Fed’s biggest secrets. It was about how the Fed communicates to Americans. She said that “Fed-speak” used… Learn More

Brian Muirhead speaking

Innovation Symposium 2016: Risk, Innovation, Collaboration and Sheer Terror

Paradigm − October 11, 2016 − filed under Events

Brian Muirhead, chief engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, looked out at the audience of Paradigm’s Innovation Symposium and told them that in the next hour, he would make them all rocket scientists. Then he put them through seven minutes of sheer terror. Risks and Rewards Muirhead, who was chief engineer for the successful 2012… Learn More