Fernando Ramirez Awarded AWCCA Arizona Rehabilitant of the Year

Paradigm − June 8, 2018 − filed under Complex Case Management, Multiple Trauma

Fernando Ramirez has been named Arizona Workers’ Compensation Chapter Association Arizona Rehabilitant of the Year. Mr. Ramirez, a construction foreman who lives in Phoenix, is expected to return to work soon. He was injured on a construction site in Colorado Springs, Colorado, after a fall from an unsecured third-story balcony in April 2017. He received… Learn More

Understanding and Improving Patient Expectations: Dr. Geoffrey Ling’s Outlook

Paradigm − January 30, 2018 − filed under Complex Case Management

Dr. Geoffrey Ling, a retired U.S. Army colonel, was deployed six times: Five times to Afghanistan and once to Iraq. He spent his first tour of duty in a tiny Level I trauma center in northwest Afghanistan, where he saw children who had been injured by Russian landmines. Because the landmines resembled butterflies, it was… Learn More


The Impact of Health Illiteracy On Patient Outcomes

Paradigm − July 3, 2017 − filed under Complex Case Management

A diabetic man spent time in the hospital, where he was prescribed daily insulin shots. He practiced injecting the insulin into an orange during his stay. Not long after he left the hospital, he was readmitted with dangerously high blood sugar levels. The doctors were stumped, until they learned the man had been injecting the… Learn More

New Research Affirms the Importance of Biopsychosocial Care Management

Paradigm − June 12, 2017 − filed under Complex Case Management, Multiple Trauma

Davis, a young teacher, went out for a run one day and was struck from behind by a car doing 40 mph. He flew onto the hood of the car and his head smashed into the windshield before he cartwheeled and then landed on his forehead in the middle of the road. His recovery was… Learn More

Workers’ Compensation: Early Claim Reserves for Best Case Scenarios

Paradigm − April 4, 2017 − filed under Complex Case Management

It’s challenging to determine appropriate amounts of ultimate liability reserves for the injured worker in catastrophic workers’ compensation cases. Although these types of cases, including spinal cord injury, severe brain injury, severe burns and severe trauma, constitute a small percentage of workers’ compensation cases, they make up about 20% of ultimate liability. How does this… Learn More

Healthcare and the Impact to Care Coordination

Paradigm − December 13, 2016 − filed under Complex Case Management

As approaches to health insurance and health care have changed over the past years, there has been increased attention on the role of effective care coordination. While the impact of a new presidential administration next year remains to be determined, care coordination will likely remain one of the strategies for creating better outcomes for injured… Learn More

Paradigm Explains: ICU Syndrome

Paradigm − September 20, 2016 − filed under Complex Case Management

ICU syndrome is a disorder often afflicting intensive care unit (ICU) patients, who experience a cluster of serious psychiatric symptoms after an acute illness or traumatic event. The syndrome is also a form of delirium, or acute brain failure, and can be referred to as ICU psychosis. While ICU syndrome may last anywhere from 24… Learn More

What Makes an Expert Catastrophic Injury Nurse and Case Manager?

Paradigm − August 30, 2016 − filed under Complex Case Management

Thoughts from Jo Carter, RN, BSN, CCM, Paradigm Outcomes’ vice president of network services. If asked to write a job description for a Paradigm Outcomes network manager focused on catastrophic injury, one would be challenged to explain everything needed to be successful in the position. Individuals in this role – which is complex and unique… Learn More

Psychological Impact of a Catastrophic Injury

Paradigm − April 19, 2016 − filed under Complex Case Management

When a catastrophic injury occurs, many people focus on the immediate, physical implications that will affect the injured worker. While this is important, it’s not the only aspect of recovery that should be taken into account. A catastrophic injury requires a very high level of care, including psychological support to address a range of issues… Learn More


Functional Restoration: Resolving Claims and Reducing Costs

Paradigm − March 8, 2016 − filed under Complex Case Management

The concept of functional restoration is not new, but there is a renewed interest due to more cases of injured workers with chronic pain achieving less than optimal recovery. Functional restoration is the process by which an individual acquires the skills, knowledge and behavior necessary to assume primary responsibility for his or her own well-being… Learn More