Webinar Recap: Surviving the Unsurvivable: Optimal Clinical and Claims Outcomes in Severe Burn Cases

Paradigm − April 3, 2018 − filed under Burn Injury, Events

Replay the webinar here. Download the slides here. Innovations in technology and treatment now enable victims of severe burns to survive injuries previously unsurvivable. Extraordinary recoveries and prolonged life expectancies present claims payors with intensive cases incurring millions of dollars in losses. The webinar explores how outcome-focused clinical and claims management of catastrophic burn cases… Learn More

Catastrophic Injuries: Managing Severe Burn Claims

Paradigm − March 20, 2018 − filed under Burn Injury

According to the American Burn Association, there are approximately 600,000 burn injuries annually in the United States, and roughly 15-20% of those injuries are work related. Employees working with high voltage power lines, toxic chemicals, and hazardous materials are especially at risk for these complex injuries that can involve long hospital stays, infections, reconstructive surgeries,… Learn More

Innovations in Burn Scar Treatment

Paradigm − August 16, 2017 − filed under Burn Injury

The American Burn Association reports that 450,000 patients undergo hospital and emergency room treatment for burns every year. Burn patients are often left with obvious and profound scarring, resulting in limited range of motion, difficulty returning to work and lasting psychological impact. Recently, Paradigm conducted a webinar about new treatments for this complex injury titled,… Learn More


Recognizing the Signs of Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury

Paradigm − April 18, 2017 − filed under Acquired Brain Injury, Burn Injury

Concussions and traumatic brain injuries pose challenging obstacles when it comes to correctly diagnosing and treating injured workers. Because they are less visible than other injuries, it is essential for medical teams to understand how to properly diagnose concussions and other types of TBI. Assessing Concussions and TBI According to Dr. Nancy Mann, medical director… Learn More

Rural Burn Care and Telemedicine

Paradigm − April 8, 2015 − filed under Burn Injury, Complex Case Management

The number of burn surgeons and dedicated burn centers in the United States has steadily decreased since the 1980s. This places people with serious burns at increased risk, especially those in rural areas. Fortunately, advances in telemedicine mean patients are more likely to survive and require rehabilitation. Geography and population density limit access to many… Learn More

Three Highlights from the Southern Region Burn Conference

Paradigm − December 16, 2014 − filed under Burn Injury, Complex Case Management

The 27th Annual Southern Region Burn Conference was recently hosted by John S. Dunn, Sr. Burn Center at Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Institute in Houston, Texas. Paradigm’s Chief Medical Officer, Michael Choo, MD, attended this Southern Medical Association event and was enlightened by novel and innovative burn management approaches and therapeutics. Much of the… Learn More

Understanding the Complexities of Thermal Burns

Paradigm − February 25, 2014 − filed under Burn Injury

Thermal burns are by far the most common types of burns. Burns from fire, contact with hot objects, and scalds together make up about 90 percent of annual treated burn injuries, according to the American Burn Association. Depending on the severity of the injury, thermal burns can take months or years for full recovery and… Learn More

Understanding the Complexities of Chemical Burns

Paradigm − February 18, 2014 − filed under Burn Injury

Chemical burns make up only 3 percent of severe burns, according to 2009 data released by the American Burn Association. This type of burn affects about 1 in 10,000 workers, and keeps people from work for a median 3 days, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Chemical burns are rarely fatal—yet they can have… Learn More

Medical Case Management Aids Severe Burn Patients’ Quality of Life

Paradigm − February 11, 2014 − filed under Burn Injury

When medical teams work together cohesively, the outcomes associated with catastrophic and complex injury cases include significantly higher quality of life according to a 2010 article in the Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation & Emergency Medicine.  In a five-year study, researchers found that among severely burned patients, quality of life was linked to both physical… Learn More

The Psychology of Burn Care

Paradigm − January 28, 2014 − filed under Burn Injury

Catastrophic burn injuries can be life changing and require comprehensive burn care for successful burn treatment. Even if the injured worker regains full functionality, physical or emotional scars can linger years after the injury. Hence, a biopsychosocial approach that integrates the injured worker’s physical, mental and emotional care can have the greatest impact and lead… Learn More