The History of Paradigm Outcomes


Dr. Nathan Cope

Founded in 1991, Paradigm Outcomes is the nation’s leading provider of catastrophic and complex care management. Headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, Paradigm has provided services for more than 15,000 medically complex cases, with a success rate of more than 99.7% in achieving or exceeding targeted outcomes.

It all began with a simple, yet innovative, idea. Nathan Cope, MD, a former Chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Stanford University Medical Center, observed that despite skilled physicians and quality facilities, patient care for complex injuries often suffered due to the nature of the healthcare system. Specifically, he noticed inconsistent medical practices, miscommunication during handoffs and fragmented providers all in need of a different approach.

Dr. Cope solved the problem by designing a system for knowledgeable and consistent oversight by the best doctors and specialists for each seriously injured person. This additional layer of support focuses on the patient’s entire well-being, collaboration with attending medical teams, coordinated care across providers, and plans for identifying and mitigating risks in advance. Paradigm then takes ownership of the results—an approach that works in our current system and fixes it from within.

Initially, Paradigm Outcomes specialized in traumatic brain injuries but soon expanded the proprietary Systematic Care ManagementSM approach to manage a range of catastrophic and complex conditions including spinal cord injuries, amputations, burns and chronic pain. This long-standing, comprehensive approach led to an extensive and sophisticated data repository used to inform medical and financial forecasts of every case.

Paradigm’s mission is to ensure the best results for people with complex medical needs. Our vision is to change the face of complex care by transforming the way results are achieved.