“We Thought the Paradigm Nurse was an Angel Sent by God”

Paradigm − May 11, 2017 − filed under Medical Expertise

During Nurses Week and every week, nurses are highly valued at Paradigm:

“A prospective new client asked for references from one of our injured workers. He and his wife wrote a very positive recommendation for us that included the sentence, ‘We thought the Paradigm nurse was an angel sent by God.’

I think that says it better than I ever could!”

-James Hudak, Chairman & CEO

 “Our nurses work tirelessly to make sure the injured workers are supported in their recovery and our clients receive a high level of service. They truly make a difference every day.”

-Scott B. Goll, Senior Vice President, Operations

 “I am so happy to take the opportunity of Nurses Week to share my great respect for nurses, in general, and for Paradigm network managers in particular. I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of nurses and the common threads have consistently been their compassion, teamwork and steadiness in the line of fire.

“As a physiatrist, I enjoy the ability to work on an interdisciplinary team with astute, creative nurses. I am rewarded when I can help them be successful.”

-Steven Moskowitz, M.D., Senior Medical Director

 “Our nurses are a big piece of the heart and soul of Paradigm’s mission. Job well done! “

-Tom Mastri, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Administration Officer

Learn more about the qualifications of our exceptional network managers on our website. See their comments about caring for themselves and others on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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