Paradigm Nurses Share Thoughts on Caring for Themselves and Others

Paradigm − May 20, 2017 − filed under Medical Expertise

For Nurses Week 2017 — Nursing: the Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit — we asked ten outstanding clinicians how they care for themselves and those around them:

“With a couple of my patients, we take a walk. We talk and walk so I can see how they’re doing and moving.”

 Amy Meltzer, RN – Paradigm Network Manager

“I teach patients that recovery is a marathon of healing, not a sprint. Helping them listen to what their body is saying creates balance and supports recovery.”

 Angie Quick, RN – Paradigm Network Manager

“Sometimes you need to put work aside and take time to cherish what’s of value to you. Family, church, music and art help me relax.”

 Cannon Peppers, RN – Paradigm Network Manager

“There is a great sense of loss after injury, so I suggest patients find an activity they enjoy and can manage daily. It’s very important to their psychological recovery.”

 Tracy McDowell, RN – Paradigm Network Manager

“I am inspired by my Paradigm team. Our medical directors and directors of clinical services have such a wealth of knowledge to address difficult problems.”

Sherry Ficklin, RN – Paradigm Network Manager

“I swear I’ve seen miracles in this job. But there’s a lot of sadness and tragedy. It helps to have a sounding board. Mine is Carol Upman. She understands what we do.”

Patricia Bonner, RN – Paradigm Network Manager

“Healthy laughter is so important. We’re in a very serious business, and it helps to have a sense of humor. The little things mean so much.”

Lisa Farrell-Roberts RN, MN – Director of Clinical Services

“Patients realize you have firsthand knowledge of their illnesses and that creates a strong bond immediately. Then, I can educate the family on how their loved one can get better more quickly.”

Kim Roberts, RN – Paradigm Network Manager

“I help patients understand that the body does not heal if it’s in pain. With rest, supplements and therapy, your body will heal.”

Kiewanda Shabazz-Henry, RN – Paradigm Network Manager

“My family gives my life balance and keeps me grounded, so I have more energy and a positive attitude about my work.”

Julie Cook, RN – Associate Clinical Director



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