Mitigating Medicare Set-Asides

Paradigm − February 2, 2016 − filed under Complex Case Management

There’s been a lot of talk in the news about Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs) lately – and much of it focuses on explaining what they are and what purpose they serve. Although Medicare set-asides can be useful, they can also interfere with settling the medical part of file. Here are some successful approaches to reducing Medicare… Learn More


Multidisciplinary Care of Lower Limb Amputations

Paradigm − January 26, 2016 − filed under Amputation

In the United States, almost two million people have experienced limb loss, and every day more than 500 Americans lose an upper or lower extremity. Of those with limb loss, 45% can be attributed to trauma. Paradigm recently hosted a webinar, the conclusion of a two-part series, titled Multidisciplinary Care of Amputations: Lower Limb Focus… Learn More


Healthcare and Workers’ Compensation Industry Trends

Paradigm − January 19, 2016 − filed under Complex Case Management

Today’s injured workers have more than just recovery to think about. Current industry trends in healthcare could have a serious impact on the treatment and outcomes of workers’ compensation cases. You need to consider how these three developments could affect claims management. Aging Population  It is estimated that by the year 2056, people 65-and-older will… Learn More


Concussion: A Film Draws Much Needed Attention to Brain Injury

Paradigm − January 12, 2016 − filed under Acquired Brain Injury

Change can be slow. Change is often difficult. But change is inevitable. Concussion, the highly anticipated film starring Will Smith that opened on Christmas Day, tells the tale of Dr. Bennet Omalu, the neuropathologist who first identified chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in an American football player, Mike Webster, upon autopsy in 2002. Dr. Omalu later… Learn More


The Role of Exercise in Treating Chronic Back Pain

Paradigm − January 5, 2016 − filed under Chronic Pain

NFL athletes are no strangers to recovering from back injuries. The New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski and Willie McGinest are just two of the many players who have had to come back from herniated disks in recent years. The one secret they can teach regular workers about treating their own back pain? Exercise. “My doctor… Learn More


Paradigm Explains: Glasgow Coma Scale

Paradigm − December 29, 2015 − filed under Acquired Brain Injury

Before 1974, there was no consistent way to clinically assess the levels of impaired consciousness or responsiveness in comatose patients. This lead to misunderstandings when different cases were compared and results shared among doctors. That’s when Neurosurgery Professors Graham Teasdale and Bryan Jennet of the University of Glasgow devised the Glasgow Coma Scale as a… Learn More


Gamification of Therapy

Paradigm − December 22, 2015 − filed under Complex Case Management

When it comes to treating injured workers, there are many types of psychological therapy, and one of the latest developments is the gamification of therapy. This approach uses video games as therapeutic tools to help injured workers recover from conditions such as traumatic brain injuries, depression and PTSD. Sure, we’ve all heard that “video games… Learn More


Coping with a Catastrophic Injury During the Holidays

Paradigm − December 15, 2015 − filed under Acquired Brain Injury

The holiday season is a true feast for the senses. There’s so much to see and do: big family gatherings, wonderful meals and desserts, colorful lights and decorations, plus all the parties and special events. It’s a time of hope and joy and rejuvenation. And yes, it can be a little stressful for everyone, but… Learn More


5 Tips for Selecting a Prosthetist

Paradigm − December 8, 2015 − filed under Amputation

For an injured worker, finding the right healthcare providers is essential to a successful recovery – whether it’s a general practitioner or a specialist, such as a prosthetist. Choosing the right prosthetist can affect the recovery time and ability of an injured worker, which is why it’s important to find one that will fit the… Learn More

Multidisciplinary Care of Upper Limb Amputations

Paradigm − December 1, 2015 − filed under Amputation

Upper extremity amputations can challenge even experienced claims managers. Recognizing the classification levels, functional potential, and complications can be overwhelming. During a recent Paradigm webinar, Multidisciplinary Care of Amputations: Upper Limb Focus, the first in a two part series, a physician specializing in amputations and multiple trauma cases provided guidance to successfully identify and care… Learn More