Telemedicine Technology

Paradigm − October 27, 2015 − filed under Complex Case Management

According to a study in the Annals of Family Medicine, the total number of office visits to primary care physicians will increase from 462 million in 2008 to 565 million in 2025. This means we will need more primary care physicians to cover these visits—another 52,000 physicians. One way to address this looming physician shortage… Learn More


Innovation Symposium 2015: Daniel Kish Presentation Recap

Paradigm − October 20, 2015 − filed under Events

“The will to be well.” Daniel Kish, blind since he was 13 months old, held a magazine in front of him, made a shhhhhhhhhhh sound, and taught the crowd of Innovation Symposium participants how to learn “FlashSonar” – in effect, “seeing” with their ears. And in seconds, they were doing it. “Could you hear that?”… Learn More


Innovation Symposium 2015: Dr. Teresa Ashman Presentation Recap

Paradigm − October 13, 2015 − filed under Events

Get the best outcomes: the importance of mental and behavioral health within physical medicine and rehabilitation. Peter Gunderson, an Icelandic mountain climber who suffered a terrible fall while hiking, found himself struggling to recover from a spinal injury. But he was determined to walk again. His first year in rehab yielded positive, gradual improvements. However,… Learn More


Innovation Symposium 2015: Dr. Renée-Louise Franche Presentation Recap

Paradigm − October 6, 2015 − filed under Events

Why mental health matters in workers’ compensation systems.  It didn’t take long for Dr. Renee-Louise Franche to raise eyebrows at Paradigm Outcomes’ sixth annual Innovation Symposium during her presentation on the relationship between mental health and workers’ compensation. She displayed a graph that showed how mental health issues had a dramatic effect on claims duration… Learn More


Innovation Symposium 2015: Harry Spencer Presentation Recap

Paradigm − September 29, 2015 − filed under Events

What You Can’t See: Mental and Behavioral Health in the Workplace  A GermanWings pilot locks his captain out of the cockpit and then purposely flies the plane into a mountain, killing 149 people. An investigation reveals the pilot had a long history of depression and mental illness, yet he was cleared to fly. The question… Learn More


Paradigm Outcomes’ Sixth Annual Innovation Symposium

Paradigm − September 22, 2015 − filed under Events

Paradigm Outcomes hosts the Innovation Symposium this week, September 24 and 25, in Chicago. The annual event gathers leaders from America’s largest workers’ compensation insurance carriers, state funds and self-insured employers for big picture thinking on topics as diverse as robotics and millennials. This year, we explore mental health and the relationship between an injured… Learn More


Paradigm Highlights: Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

Paradigm − September 15, 2015 − filed under Spinal Cord Injury

There are approximately 12,500 new cases of spinal cord injury a year according to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. This is only one of many alarming statistics that call for increased awareness of spinal cord injuries and more expansive research of treatment options. A resolution passed… Learn More


Paradigm Outcomes Highlights Pain Awareness Month

Paradigm − September 8, 2015 − filed under Chronic Pain

September is Pain Awareness Month, an appropriate time for Paradigm Outcomes to highlight the complexities of pain conditions and how injured workers are affected not only by the pain symptoms, but by pain treatments. Recognizing the realities of complex and chronic pain, as well as understanding the full cycle of the pain process, are critical… Learn More


Complications with Multiple Trauma

Paradigm − September 1, 2015 − filed under Multiple Trauma

Accidents don’t always affect only one body part or organ. Multiple trauma is a diagnosis for when a person’s injuries affect many of the body’s systems at once—musculoskeletal, neurological and psychological. Car accidents, falls, crush injuries and explosions are typically associated with multiple trauma. While these injuries only make up 20% of trauma cases, multiple… Learn More


Cytochrome Genetic Testing Doesn’t Make the Grade

Steven Moskowitz, MD − August 25, 2015 − filed under Chronic Pain

Cytochrome genetic testing is quickly becoming a new fad in healthcare, and as with all trends, we must ask ourselves, “Is this popular because it benefits the injured person, or because it benefits certain commercial interests?” And again, like most fads, “fast metabolizers” and cytochrome genetic testing in pain medicine seem to be a lot… Learn More