Leading Through Change in 2017: Learnings from the Paradigm Outcomes Innovation Symposium

Paradigm − January 17, 2017 − filed under Events

Paradigm Outcomes’ 2016 Innovation Symposium brought leaders from a variety of specialties together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of leading through change. Presenters and attendees discussed strategies for staying ahead of the curve in an age of innovation, as well as pitfalls to avoid when dealing with change and uncertainty. Below are some highlights… Learn More

New Approaches to Mental Health in Workers’ Compensation

Paradigm − January 10, 2017 − filed under General

In the United States workforce, mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can have a dramatic influence on the duration of physical injury claims and return to work. Since psychosocial factors affect cases in varying degrees, it benefits case managers to be able to understand the impact, detect these conditions early on, and help… Learn More

The Faces of Kids’ Chance of America

Paradigm − January 4, 2017 − filed under Kids' Chance of America

Founded in 1988, Kids’ Chance of America’s goal is to provide educational scholarships for the children of workers catastrophically injured or killed on the job. These scholarships make a significant impact on the lives of students whose parents have suffered a critical injury. The organization supports more than 36 state and affiliated member groups with… Learn More

Looking Back on Our Celebration of 25 Years

Paradigm − December 27, 2016 − filed under General

On May 29, 1991, Paradigm Outcomes began as a simple yet innovative idea of Nathan Cope, MD. Over the past 25 years, Paradigm has grown to nearly 200 employees while managing more than 15,000 catastrophic and complex injury cases. During that time, we have consistently delivered five times better return-to-work results and reduced lifetime costs… Learn More

The Workers’ Compensation of the Past

Paradigm − December 20, 2016 − filed under General

Workers’ compensation as we know it today is a robust system of policies and procedures to protect workers if they’re injured on the job. But workers’ compensation dates back to an unlikely origin: pirate ships. Protection on the High Seas Earlier systems have been recorded from the onset of history itself, however, these systems relate… Learn More

Healthcare and the Impact to Care Coordination

Paradigm − December 13, 2016 − filed under Complex Case Management

As approaches to health insurance and health care have changed over the past years, there has been increased attention on the role of effective care coordination. While the impact of a new presidential administration next year remains to be determined, care coordination will likely remain one of the strategies for creating better outcomes for injured… Learn More

Connected Conversations and the Future of Workers’ Compensation News

Paradigm − December 6, 2016 − filed under General

For over two decades, the way people communicate has been changing every day, little by little. Today there is no shortage of online communication media such as Facebook and Twitter, blogs, email and even apps designed to make our messages disappear. As a result of these evolving trends, news about health care, health outcomes and… Learn More

Substance Abuse Awareness Takes Center Stage with Surgeon General Report

Paradigm − November 29, 2016 − filed under General

This month, the Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, released a new report, “Facing Addiction in America.” According to the report, only a fraction of individuals who suffer from alcoholism or addiction to legal and illegal drugs are currently receiving treatment. Current statistics say that one in every seven people in the United States is expected… Learn More

National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference & Expo 2016

Paradigm − November 22, 2016 − filed under Events

The National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference & Expo 2016 kicks off next week in New Orleans and, once again, Paradigm Outcomes will be a part of this leading industry event. In addition to our annual wine reception, we are excited to host three live Paradigm University sessions in booth 619. Register now and get… Learn More


Kids’ Chance Awareness Week 2016

Paradigm − November 15, 2016 − filed under Kids' Chance of America

Workers face a number of struggles after a critical injury. But for those workers that are also parents, the struggle reaches further, leaving concerns about the welfare and future of their children. Kids’ Chance of America began in 1988 to provide educational scholarships for the children of workers catastrophically injured or killed on the job.… Learn More