How a Paradigm Case Manager Helped an Injured Worker Beat Chronic Pain – Part 4

Paradigm − September 26, 2017 − filed under Chronic Pain

Kathy Metcalfe, RN, CCM, CDMS, PSPM, has been a Paradigm Network Manager since 2011. In this conclusion of our four-part series, Kathy talks about her work with Butch Coffman.

Butch Coffman’s story began when he slipped on the ice going to work one winter morning. Over the next 12 years, his condition worsened and he developed chronic pain.

How are you focused on Butch’s long-term wellness?

I helped him develop self-management strategies for his pain and set goals that we discussed weekly. Once the cognitive deficits from the medications were eliminated, Butch regained his confidence and returned to the activities he enjoyed before his accident: fishing and black powder shooting.

It takes time to develop a relationship with a person who has lived with chronic pain a long time. The person they were before the injury gets buried beneath the depression, the changed family relationships, the cognitive fog of medications and the loss of livelihood. Paradigm’s nurse case managers are trained in techniques that guide the injured worker to better health and functional recovery.


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About the Network Manager

I went to nursing school when I was in my 30s. After six years working in the emergency room, I began a career in case management. When I lived in Florida, back in 2004, I worked for Betty Reid and was dedicated to Paradigm cases. I returned to Michigan in 2007 and Paradigm hired me to join the pain team in 2011.

I have lived in El Paso, Texas, Carmel, Indiana and St. Petersburg, Florida. Two years ago, I bought a house on a lake, and my first boat, in mid-Michigan. The best part about living on a lake is watching my four granddaughters grow up playing here. I volunteer at our community theater as assistant to the prop master, making and managing props for the shows. I am an avid reader. Although I will reach retirement age next year, working for Paradigm Outcomes is too enriching to leave.

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