Chronic Pain Case Study Stories: Clara Sanchez

Paradigm − October 27, 2011 − filed under Medical Expertise

Understanding the benefits of a treatment program can be accomplished in a meaningful way by reading case study stories. By examining treatment plans not as theoretical strategies, but as the life-changing stories of real people, one can gain a better knowledge of a program’s merit. Certainly, this is true of Paradigm, as illustrated through the story of Clara Sanchez.

Ms. Sanchez came to Paradigm after almost twenty years of chronic pain, caused by an accident. At the age of 49, she was obese, suffering from depression, anxiety and catastrophizing, and she had limited coping mechanisms. Her complaint of pain in multiple body parts suggested the presence of opioid induced hyperalgesia. Her physicians were treating her exclusively with high doses of narcotic pain medications, which relieved pain, but did not improve her functional abilities. There was evidence to suggest that her chronic pain had a behavioral component, as she appeared to have disproportionate pain, based on objective findings.

Paradigm approached the situation with a multifaceted strategy. Inappropriate use of medication was overcome by a 90-day weaning regime, and Paradigm arranged counseling for Ms. Sanchez, to help with her psychological and social issues. When she returned to work, Ms. Sanchez was assigned a nurse case manager who conducted an onsite assessment of her workstation to determine appropriate improvements. Through these measures, Paradigm eliminated Ms. Sanchez’s 20-year dependence on narcotic pain medication, improved her emotional and psychological well being, and helped her return to work.

These changes equate to significant enhancement of Ms. Sanchez’s quality of life and cost savings for Paradigm’s client. By freeing her from narcotic addiction and frequent medical interventions, Paradigm reduced the lifetime medical costs of the case by nearly $4 million.

For over twenty years, Paradigm has assisted people with complex medical issues, creating case study stories such as this one. By providing a comprehensive approach, Paradigm is able to eliminate fragmentation of treatment and improve lives, while dramatically lowering lifetime medical costs.  To refer a case to us, please feel free to call 800-942-1725 or contact us online .


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