Celebrating 25 Years of Outcomes

Paradigm − May 25, 2016 − filed under Events

25 years ago, Nathan Cope, M.D., identified a troubling problem with the state of the healthcare system. Patients with catastrophic injuries were failing to receive the proper treatment to achieve the best outcomes.

In his work with patients suffering from severe brain and spinal cord injuries, Dr. Cope noticed that medical risks rose as patients were handed off from one provider to the next. “I saw an opportunity to improve the lives of more people than I could personally treat,” said Cope. “Complex injuries like these required specialized oversight to ensure accurate care coordination and the best clinical practices at every step on the long road to recovery.”

In May 1991, the former chief of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Stanford University Medical Center co-founded Paradigm Outcomes with Michael Grisham. As the company grew, it began providing specialized oversight and accurate care coordination for patients across a multitude of complex and catastrophic injuries.

Thousands of injured workers have been helped by the nation’s leading provider of complex medical management services. The principles on which Dr. Cope founded Paradigm are still clearly visible today:

  • A desire to help seriously injured people make the best possible recovery.
  • A focus on outcomes that aligns providers, payors and Paradigm with the interests of each patient.

There is cause for celebration of this 25th anniversary because Dr. Cope was right—seriously injured people could make better recoveries! Today, Paradigm achieves 5x better medical outcomes and lowers total costs by 40%. In fact, the company has a 99.7% success rate in achieving or exceeding targeted results on managed cases for patients with acquired brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, multiple traumas, amputations, burns and chronic pain.

Paradigm’s Chairman and CEO Jim Hudak knows the importance of carrying the co-founders’ vision past the 25-year mark. “From guaranteed outcomes to the assumption of financial risk to predictive modeling, we’re leading the way toward a better healthcare system with services that improve lives and lower costs. I’m excited about this company’s future.”

For more information, visit www.paradigmcorp.com.

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