Centers of Excellence: Innovations in Post-Acute Care – Part Two

Paradigm − February 27, 2018 − filed under Medical Expertise, Spinal Cord Injury

As innovations in post-acute care help restore greater function for those in the early stages of complex and chronic traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury, such rehabilitation centers become even more important and valuable. “Now there’s more to take advantage of,” said Gary Ulicny, former CEO of Shepherd Center in Atlanta, as he explores… Learn More

Centers of Excellence: Innovations in Post-Acute Care – Part One

Paradigm − February 13, 2018 − filed under Medical Expertise, Spinal Cord Injury

Many factors have led to the increase in the number of outliers — complex and chronic neurological cases — in post-acute rehabilitation facilities. Gary Ulicny, former CEO of Shepherd Center in Atlanta, reveals innovations in care and care management to meet the growing demand. “People who would’ve died ten years ago are now being saved… Learn More

5 Facts about Spinal Cord Injury

Paradigm − August 31, 2017 − filed under Spinal Cord Injury

Paradigm Outcomes has 25 years of clinical experience and results for injured workers with Spinal Cord Injury. Our systematic approach includes well-established, comprehensive and regular systems of review with monitoring, education, timely interventions and effective communication. Spinal Cord Injury Awareness month begins Friday. These key statistics are from the National Spinal Cord Injury Database, a… Learn More

Advancements in Spinal Cord Regeneration

Paradigm − July 18, 2017 − filed under Spinal Cord Injury

The human body has an advanced capacity to heal itself, but the spinal cord can have a notoriously difficult time recovering from catastrophic damage. Studies in rats and recent advances in early human stem cell research provide hope for those individuals living with spinal cord damage, but approved treatments are still years in the future,… Learn More

Virtual Reality: Opportunities for Paraplegic Rehabilitation

Paradigm − September 27, 2016 − filed under Acquired Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury

The newest advancement in paraplegic rehabilitation sounds like something out of Neuromancer – a virtual reality device that not only acts as a form of physical rehabilitation but could, in some instances, lead to a restoration of feeling and motion. The medical science has been around for close to two decades, but until recently, the… Learn More

Brain Implant Helps Paralyzed Person Move

Paradigm − July 19, 2016 − filed under Spinal Cord Injury

In 2010, at the age of 19, Ian Burkhart took a summer beach vacation. He dove into a wave in shallow water and sustained a severe spinal cord injury. Ian broke his neck and was paralyzed. For him and his family, as for so many others who suffer catastrophic injury, life was forever changed. Doctors… Learn More


Researchers Hope to get Paralyzed Patients Walking Again

Paradigm − February 24, 2016 − filed under Spinal Cord Injury

For injured workers recovering from a spinal cord injury, the prospect of never walking again is a harsh reality to face. But what if paraplegics and quadriplegics could power an exoskeleton with their thoughts – without the need for complex and invasive brain surgery? An exoskeleton, similar to this one, will be used by patients… Learn More


Paradigm Highlights: Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

Paradigm − September 15, 2015 − filed under Spinal Cord Injury

There are approximately 12,500 new cases of spinal cord injury a year according to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. This is only one of many alarming statistics that call for increased awareness of spinal cord injuries and more expansive research of treatment options. A resolution passed… Learn More

Impact of Healthcare Advances on Life Expectancy of Spinal Cord Injuries

Paradigm − June 16, 2015 − filed under Spinal Cord Injury

Advances in medical technology and therapies over the past 50 years have contributed to increasing life expectancy for the general U.S. population. In fact, with better lifestyles and medical care, people are living longer despite the growing number of chronic medical conditions in our population. According to USA Today, two-thirds of Americans older than 65… Learn More

From the Frontiers of Science: Exoskeleton Ambulation Devices

Paradigm − February 25, 2015 − filed under Complex Case Management, Spinal Cord Injury

We are in an era of rapidly advancing science and technology, particularly in medicine. We also are witnessing unprecedented growth in data, IT and social communication. These changes are provoking synergistic combinations of healthcare and technology that we hope will advance and improve human health beyond what was fathomable only in science function. Despite the… Learn More