Fernando Ramirez Awarded AWCCA Arizona Rehabilitant of the Year

Paradigm − June 8, 2018 − filed under Complex Case Management, Multiple Trauma

Fernando Ramirez has been named Arizona Workers’ Compensation Chapter Association Arizona Rehabilitant of the Year. Mr. Ramirez, a construction foreman who lives in Phoenix, is expected to return to work soon. He was injured on a construction site in Colorado Springs, Colorado, after a fall from an unsecured third-story balcony in April 2017. He received… Learn More

New Research Affirms the Importance of Biopsychosocial Care Management

Paradigm − June 12, 2017 − filed under Complex Case Management, Multiple Trauma

Davis, a young teacher, went out for a run one day and was struck from behind by a car doing 40 mph. He flew onto the hood of the car and his head smashed into the windshield before he cartwheeled and then landed on his forehead in the middle of the road. His recovery was… Learn More


Complications with Multiple Trauma

Paradigm − September 1, 2015 − filed under Multiple Trauma

Accidents don’t always affect only one body part or organ. Multiple trauma is a diagnosis for when a person’s injuries affect many of the body’s systems at once—musculoskeletal, neurological and psychological. Car accidents, falls, crush injuries and explosions are typically associated with multiple trauma. While these injuries only make up 20% of trauma cases, multiple… Learn More

Brain Injuries Caused by Multiple Traumas

Paradigm − March 31, 2015 − filed under Acquired Brain Injury, Complex Case Management, Multiple Trauma

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, has been a hot-button issue in contact sports such as football and hockey over the last several years. Concerns that repeated concussions can lead to cumulative or long-term brain injury deficits and related chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) have led governing bodies to tighten regulations on allowing play following a head… Learn More

Support for our Heroes | Q&A with Scott Goll

Paradigm − December 10, 2014 − filed under Complex Case Management, Multiple Trauma

This holiday season we’ve followed our Paradigm Heroes Bill, Nancy, and Valerie on their road to recovery after various catastrophic injuries. Scott Goll, Senior Vice President of Operations at Paradigm Outcomes, joins us today to talk about he and the how the injury management team support our Heroes. How long have you worked with Paradigm?… Learn More

Paradigm Heroes Inspire Hope

Paradigm − November 26, 2014 − filed under Amputation, Complex Case Management, Multiple Trauma

Beyond all the numbers and claims files are real people who are helped by Paradigm’s experienced care managers. Their life-changing experiences are inspiring. Let’s meet a few of these Paradigm Heroes. Bill Griffin was a truck driver who suffered multiple traumas from a head-on collision with another semi. His major injuries included a spinal cord… Learn More

Paradigm Network Managers Advocate for Our Heroes

Paradigm − September 30, 2014 − filed under Complex Case Management, Multiple Trauma

Two weeks ago we heard from Nancy Vanveldhuizen, a Paradigm Hero who recovered from catastrophic multiple trauma. Despite losing her left arm, she never lost her spirit and sense of adventure. Stacy Bloemendaal RN, BSN, CCM, the Network Manager who supported Nancy and her family, joins us today to talk about what this case was… Learn More

Paradigm Hero Bill Griffin

Paradigm − June 10, 2014 − filed under Complex Case Management, Medical Expertise, Multiple Trauma, Spinal Cord Injury

Bill Griffin loved his job driving semi-trucks across the Midwest. During one routine delivery, a sudden gust of wind pushed his trailer into a collision with another truck. The devastating impact left him with a spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, burns and other traumas. First responders did not expect him to survive and he… Learn More

Workplace Injuries More Likely To Be Sustained by Temporary Workers

Paradigm − February 14, 2013 − filed under Acquired Brain Injury, Amputation, Burn Injury, Complex Case Management, Multiple Trauma, Spinal Cord Injury

A 2012 study on workplace injuries by the Chicago School of Public Health finds temporary workers are more likely to be injured on the job than permanent workers. Furthermore, the instances of temp-to-permanent injury may be twice as high in the manufacturing and construction industries, according to a 2010 study authored by Smith et al.… Learn More

Employers Can Reduce Work-Related Injuries by Providing Paid Sick Leave

Paradigm − December 11, 2012 − filed under Acquired Brain Injury, Amputation, Multiple Trauma, Spinal Cord Injury

According to a recent research study reported by the Insurance Journal, paid sick leave can actually be viewed by business owners as a robust strategy for managing work-related injuries and workers’ compensation costs. Paid sick leave reportedly has the potential to make workplaces safer, minimizing chances of work-related injuries or other costly mistakes. Work-Related Injuries… Learn More