Paradigm Nurses Share Thoughts on Caring for Themselves and Others

Paradigm − May 20, 2017 − filed under General

For Nurses Week 2017 — Nursing: the Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit — we asked ten outstanding clinicians how they care for themselves and those around them: “With a couple of my patients, we take a walk. We talk and walk so I can see how they’re doing and moving.”  Amy Meltzer, RN – Paradigm… Learn More

“We Thought the Paradigm Nurse was an Angel Sent by God”

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During Nurses Week and every week, nurses are highly valued at Paradigm: “A prospective new client asked for references from one of our injured workers. He and his wife wrote a very positive recommendation for us that included the sentence, ‘We thought the Paradigm nurse was an angel sent by God.’ I think that says… Learn More

Celebrating Our Nurses

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Thoughts from Jo Carter, RN, BSN, CCM, Paradigm Outcomes’ vice president of network services. Nurses are the heart of Paradigm Outcomes. Our nurse case managers coordinate care and support the recovery of our injured workers while our directors of clinical services support the care management process and bring valuable expertise to every case. Each year,… Learn More

Mary Free Bed: An ACO for Catastrophic and Complex Injuries

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By creating and coordinating partnerships with quality-driven care providers, accountable care organizations (ACOs) such as Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Michigan take responsibility of the complexities of medical care so injured workers can focus on getting better. Paradigm Outcomes, working specifically with workers’ compensation cases of a catastrophic and complex nature, is proud to… Learn More

Why is Value-Based Care in Workers’ Compensation Cases Important?

Paradigm − May 2, 2017 − filed under General

Value-based healthcare has proven effective in ensuring that patients receive the best quality of care. Although this innovative approach has been successfully implemented in healthcare settings throughout the U.S., injured workers being treated under workers’ compensation insurance are being left behind. Understanding value-based care and how it could help those in workers’ compensation cases may… Learn More

Catastrophic Injuries: Recovery Affects Everyone

Paradigm − February 7, 2017 − filed under General

The road to recovery from a catastrophic injury is long and arduous not only for injured workers but also for those who love and support them through the rehabilitation process. Experienced case managers know that recovery is a team effort. Managing everyone’s expectations and addressing the wide variety of emotions are essential components of a… Learn More

Imagination to Innovation: The Future of Medical Technologies

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Predicting the future of medicine can often involve separating science fiction from practical achievement. Yet, over the past decades, medical and technological innovations have turned many dreams of better possibilities into realities. Recently, Paradigm Chief Medical Officer Michael Choo, M.D., conducted a webinar on exciting developments in research and technology that have the potential to… Learn More

Obesity’s Impact on Recovery from Injury

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Dr. Ken Parsons, Margaret Aslakson and Kathy Metcalfe presented on obesity and injury recovery at the NWM Summit on Obesity. According to their research, over 70% of Americans are either overweight or exceed their ideal Body Mass Index (BMI). Anything from genetics to drug and alcohol use can impact weight, so causation can be difficult… Learn More

New Approaches to Mental Health in Workers’ Compensation

Paradigm − January 10, 2017 − filed under General

In the United States workforce, mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can have a dramatic influence on the duration of physical injury claims and return to work. Since psychosocial factors affect cases in varying degrees, it benefits case managers to be able to understand the impact, detect these conditions early on, and help… Learn More

Looking Back on Our Celebration of 25 Years

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On May 29, 1991, Paradigm Outcomes began as a simple yet innovative idea of Nathan Cope, MD. Over the past 25 years, Paradigm has grown to nearly 200 employees while managing more than 15,000 catastrophic and complex injury cases. During that time, we have consistently delivered five times better return-to-work results and reduced lifetime costs… Learn More