Paradigm Highlights: Advances in Prosthetics

Paradigm − February 16, 2016 − filed under Amputation

In 1982, Hugh Herr injured both of his legs following a mountain climbing accident, and both of them had to be amputated. They were replaced with bionic limbs. But Hugh isn’t your ordinary mountain climber. He’s also the director of the MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics research group, and his interest in prosthetics is both professional… Learn More


Multidisciplinary Care of Lower Limb Amputations

Paradigm − January 26, 2016 − filed under Amputation

In the United States, almost two million people have experienced limb loss, and every day more than 500 Americans lose an upper or lower extremity. Of those with limb loss, 45% can be attributed to trauma. Paradigm recently hosted a webinar, the conclusion of a two-part series, titled Multidisciplinary Care of Amputations: Lower Limb Focus… Learn More


5 Tips for Selecting a Prosthetist

Paradigm − December 8, 2015 − filed under Amputation

For an injured worker, finding the right healthcare providers is essential to a successful recovery – whether it’s a general practitioner or a specialist, such as a prosthetist. Choosing the right prosthetist can affect the recovery time and ability of an injured worker, which is why it’s important to find one that will fit the… Learn More

Multidisciplinary Care of Upper Limb Amputations

Paradigm − December 1, 2015 − filed under Amputation

Upper extremity amputations can challenge even experienced claims managers. Recognizing the classification levels, functional potential, and complications can be overwhelming. During a recent Paradigm webinar, Multidisciplinary Care of Amputations: Upper Limb Focus, the first in a two part series, a physician specializing in amputations and multiple trauma cases provided guidance to successfully identify and care… Learn More

The World’s First ‘Feeling’ Prosthetic Leg

Paradigm − June 23, 2015 − filed under Amputation

For people living with limb loss, one of the biggest challenges to using a prosthetic limb is the adjustment to a new way of moving and conducting daily activities. Thanks to innovative research scientists, great strides are being made in prosthetic limb functionality. Researchers in Vienna have just unveiled a prosthetic leg designed to simulate… Learn More

3D Printing and the Future of Prosthetics

Paradigm − February 10, 2015 − filed under Amputation, Complex Case Management

3D printing and other current advances in prosthetic technology have made prosthetic limbs more affordable and available for a range of individuals who need them. Here at Paradigm Outcomes, we watch innovations in the field of prosthetics with hope, but also with a discerning eye—because problems with prosthetics can make catastrophic cases even more complex… Learn More

Paradigm Heroes Inspire Hope

Paradigm − November 26, 2014 − filed under Amputation, Complex Case Management, Multiple Trauma

Beyond all the numbers and claims files are real people who are helped by Paradigm’s experienced care managers. Their life-changing experiences are inspiring. Let’s meet a few of these Paradigm Heroes. Bill Griffin was a truck driver who suffered multiple traumas from a head-on collision with another semi. His major injuries included a spinal cord… Learn More

Paradigm Hero Nancy Vanveldhuizen

Paradigm − September 17, 2014 − filed under Amputation, Complex Case Management

It was a beautiful fall day in rural Iowa and Nancy Vanveldhuizen was on her way to work driving past corn fields on a sparsely populated road. This bucolic scene radically changed when a gravel truck suddenly pulled out in front of her and caused a broadside collision. Remarkably she exited the vehicle on her… Learn More

Unlocking the Fundamentals of Complex Amputation Management

Paradigm − April 9, 2014 − filed under Amputation

Complex amputations require knowledgeable care to heighten quality of life and improve long-term outcomes. In a Paradigm Outcomes webinar  led by Dr. Robert “Skip” Meier, Medical Director of Amputee Services of America, and Rob Kistenberg, Coordinator of Prosthetics and Co-Director for the master’s program in prosthetics and orthotics at Georgia Tech, we discussed successful management… Learn More

Amputees’ Future Brighter with Robotics and 3-D Printing

Paradigm − April 1, 2014 − filed under Amputation

Among complex medical cases, amputees historically have some of the most troubling outcomes. A 2008 loss-of-limb study in the journal Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation reports 1.6 million people in the U.S. living with the loss of a limb in 2005, and projects that 3.6 million Americans will live with amputations by the year… Learn More